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San Francisco’s Asian Population Will Soon Become the Majority

Andrew Lam

San Francisco is now part of a statewide trend that has resulted in majority becoming minority, with minority continuing to surge and multiply. The latest census showed that whites have slowly shrunk to 48 percent of the population in San Francisco, becoming another minority in a city that has no majority. The city's Asian population, on the other hand, has risen above the 33 percent mark. That is, one in three San Francisco residents has an Asian face. For the population under 18, the number for Asian closer to 40 percent.


YouTube Fans Embrace New YOMYOMF Channel

Eugene Yi

The end — of the world, of course — will consist of the following elements: fighter jets, exploding cars, flamethrowers, automatic weaponry. Beheadings by lightsaber. Necks broken by starlets. And the solemn intoning of the Bruce Leeism, “You offend me, you offend my family.” T.S. Eliot was wrong. The world won’t end in a whimper, apparently, but with a series of very loud bangs. At least it will in the revelation as revealed in “The Bananapocalypse,” the trailer for the new Asian American YouTube channel YOMYOMF (pronounced yawm-yawm-eff), an acronym of the Bruce Lee bon mot that gives the channel its name. Millions have already witnessed the Bananapocalypse, so to speak (2,162,711 and counting, as of this writing). 

Media Stereotypes of Asian-Americans Mask Reality of Community’s Struggles

Joshunda Sanders

From New York Knicks basketball star Jeremy Lin to Priscilla Chan, wife of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the mainstream media usually portray Asian-Americans as wealthy, well-educated and foreign. The dominant cultural narrative routinely ignores working- and middle-class Asian-Americans, people of various nationalities who struggle with the same socioeconomic conditions as do other Americans.

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