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Ukraine's Wounded Land in Czech Hospitals

Zdenek Kratochvil

The Czech Republic has evacuated dozens of Ukrainians wounded in clashes in Kiev, Urkaine in February and March. After violent protests around Feb. 18, critically-injured victims were air-lifted to Prague hospitals. The Czech Ministry of the Interior and the country´s army collaborated on a special program called Medevac – Medical Evacuation. Founded in 1993 the program was created in order to help with emergency transport of wounded people from abroad. Medevac´s misison is to provide health care to people in critical condition or life-threatening situations. 

The Humanitarian Side Effects of Sanctions Against Iran

Maziar Shirazi

 Iran’s nuclear program, on the other hand, is alive and well. Vice President Joe Biden practically bragged of the economy-crippling effects of the latest round of sanctions during last year’s vice presidential debate, even as his Secretary of Defense acknowledged that despite U.S. efforts, Tehran remained intent on advancing its nuclear program. Indeed, the IAEA’s latest report shows that if anything, Iran is likely expanding its enrichment capacity. Iran’s civilians, however, find themselves in the midst of one of the worst medical supply shortages in the nation’s long history.

Egypt’s NGOs Face Monetary Crisis as Donors Shy Away

Amr Emam

A crackdown last year on several western pro-democracy groups on charges that they had received funding from foreign governments and agencies to stir up chaos in Egypt is strongly affecting the ability of local humanitarian NGOs to receive funding for their activities and keep going. Needy Egyptians, living in areas the government considers low priority, have been turning to these NGOs for support.

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