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What Would Gloria Steinem Think?

Nancy Lackey Shaffer

When Gawker Media’s Jezebel debuted in 2007, its mix of pop culture and feminist snark garnered some 10 million monthly page views, stealing thunder (and traffic) from its parent site, At the same time, statistics showed that women were surpassing men in terms of Internet usage. Women were going online in unprecedented amounts, and the public was starting to notice. Women continue to use the Internet as a tool for organizing and discourse, largely through blogs and social media sites.

Student Protests in Mexico Help Escalate Popularity of Leftist Presidential Hopeful

Louis E.V. Nevaer

With only three weeks of campaigning to go before Mexicans elect a new president, López Obrador – known in Mexico by his initials, AMLO – has moved into a statistical tie for first place with Peña Nieto. The political resurrection of AMLO has stunned observers, with the prospect of a leftist government being elected in Mexico now a real possibility.

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