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Corey Helford Gallery Pays Homage to the Cinematic Genius of Frederico Fellini

The Editors

Participating artist from Italy, Nunzio Paci, shares his inspiration: "I watched Juliet of the Spirits many times. The artwork in the group show reflects my current exploration of the natural world and its connections with the dream sphere, nostalgia and memory, all themes in common with Fellini's oeuvre." Missouri-based artist Lauren Marx sees a connection between her work and Fellini’s artistic eye and cinematography: "I see similarities with the use of religious imagery, earthy imagery, baroque and fantastical themes. I can also see a slight connection between the composition of my piece and some of the beautiful compositions he created.”

Remembering Fellini’s Best Films

Benjamin Wright

Halloween is a day of masks, of costumes and façades, a festival of gargoyles and monsters, a day when fantasy distinctly blends with reality. For filmmaker Federico Fellini, every day was Halloween – masks that hide our true emotions, a circus, a magic performance, a sideshow, the lines of illusion and reality constantly blurred. His films employed the talents of beautiful actors like Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg, while also exploiting the looks of the strange and the grotesque. 

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