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Capture of El Chapo Is a Major Victory for Mexico

W. Alejandro Sanchez

Guzmán, once declared by Forbes as one of the richest men on Earth, was the effective ruler of a parallel narco-terrorist state covering large swaths of Mexican states. So far it is unclear what specific charges he will be tried for, or in which prison he will carry out his sentence – he’s currently in the Altiplano prison. The prison that will ultimately host him is doubly important since he already escaped from one once. 

In Mexico, Social Media Turns Against Drug Cartel Los Zetas

Louis E.V. Nevaer

From New America Media: MERIDA, Mexico -- In an unprecedented move, Mexican members of Anonymous, the renegade group of hackers responsible for breaching the security of banks, financial institutions and government agencies, have issued a direct challenge to Mexican narcos: Because we can’t fight you with weapons, we will destroy you by destroying your privacy.

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