The Importance of the 2020 Election: How to Save Our Democracy

Mac Regan

After years of legislative and social gridlock, these failings are at a critical stage. But irreversible damage to our historical values, our democracy, and our capitalism can be avoided. The last line of defense now, as in 1776, is citizens who can make informed decisions and have the patriotic courage to sacrifice, compromise, and overcome bias in the service of America. The 2020 revolution for America will depend on objectivity and critical thinking rather than firelocks and cannons.

How Democracy Continues to Grow in Africa

Khalil Abdullah

Lately, the United States has moved to aggressively bolster pro-Western forces in the Ukraine and promote democracy in the Middle East and Asia. But once again, the U.S. and other western powers are largely ignoring Africa, even as democratic movements are quietly spreading throughout the continent after a generation of leaders who often hoarded power and wealth at the expense of their people.

New Grassroots Movement Challenges Guatemala’s Old Guard

Jonah Harris

A political party led by young people and indigenous Mayans wants to bring to Guatemala something that it has never seen: American-style democracy. Nearly two decades after the end of its bloody civil war, the country and its politics remain dominated by a white oligarchy and most political parties are built only to propel those leaders to high office. But a new party -- comprised largely of young adults and indigenous Mayans -- aims to change that. 

Carlos Fuentes’ Intellectual Vision of Democracy Looms Over Mexico After the Author’s Death

Louis Nevaer

The sudden death of Carlos Fuentes (1928 – 2012), Mexican novelist, social critic and man of letters, this week at the age of 83, has cast a shadow over the nation just weeks before voters here will go to the polls to elect new leaders, including the president, in national elections. Often overlooked is the fact that Carlos Fuentes played a key role in Mexico’s transition from a one-party state to a democratic one. Perhaps more than any other single Mexican, Fuentes worked to lay the intellectual foundation for Mexico becoming a functioning democracy. 

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