czech films

‘Medieval’ Tells the Story of a Czech Hero in the Middle Ages

Ulises Duenas

The lighting and shots of the European countryside help create a creepy and uneasy atmosphere, although at times it does look a little too similar to other works that portray the Middle Ages. It’s an impressive feat for a movie that doesn’t have any supernatural elements and it keeps the slower scenes from feeling boring. One of the more notable shortcomings of Medieval is that none of the actors give breakthrough performances.

A Kafkaesque Adventure for Alice in Wonderland

Karolina R. Swasey

Jan Svankmajer’s Alice, the esteemed Czech animator’s feature-film debut from 1988, is far more than just a strange, wonderful, and surreal trip set within the charming ambience of an Eastern bloc TV fairytale. It is a strikingly original attempt to wound the skin of the story and to reveal its body by almost entirely stripping it of Carroll’s language and converting it into a an eerie and unsettling dreamscape. 

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