‘Creed II’ Sequel Doesn’t Deliver Same Punch as Original Film

Dwight Brown

Audiences will wish that this fight film started with an explosion. It doesn’t. The footage rolls, the plot is disseminated and the mundane, everyday drama on view goes on for way too long. For a boxing movie, a lack of action is the kiss of death, and little of note arises until Act III. The languid pacing will leave audiences tapping their toes collectively and waiting for an adrenaline injection. 

The Politics of Muhammad Ali

Jason Johnson

Muhammad Ali for many people was more icon than athlete. Like Jim Brown or John Carlos, he was someone who inspired African-Americans and Muslims to fight oppression, move beyond the comfort of success and speak out against injustice no matter the cost or inconvenience. Between the Will Smith-led biopic and various tributes over the years, most Americans know that Ali spoke out against the Vietnam War, converted to the Nation of Islam and was a global humanitarian. 

Manny Pacquiao’s IRS Problems

Edwin Espejo

A report is out that the Internal Revenue Service of the US is, after all, running after Manny Pacquiao for unpaid taxes to the tune of $18.3 million (over P770 million) covering the period 2006 to 2010. TMZ, a popular TV show in the US covering the lives and saga of Hollywood celebrities and political personalities, said it has obtained documents to prove that Pacquiao’s camp failed to settle Pacquiao’s tax obligations in the US despite lucrative purses he got from fighting as a marquee fighter and a top pay per view (PPV) attraction during the period covered by the IRS levy.

It’s Manny Pacquiao v. Juan Manuel Marquez: Round Four

Joseph Pimentel

Filipino champ Manny Pacquiao believes the only way to decisively defeat arch-nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez in their fourth fight is by being more aggressive and attacking the Mexican from different angles. “I’m going to create a lot of action in the ring,” Pacquiao said during media day at the Wildcard Boxing Club on Wednesday. “I’m focused on [being] more aggressive and creating action… If I wait for him to throw a punch, the fight is going to be boring. There won’t be any action.”

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