In Bankrupt Detroit, Gambling Addiction Is on the Rise

Samer Hijazi

For a bankrupt Detroit, the gaming industry has been a steady source of income and tax revenue over the last decade, despite an unstable auto industry. But while the establishment of MGM Grand Detroit, Motor City Casino (MCC) and Greektown Casino have attracted hundreds of thousands of metropolitan residents into the city, it's no secret that the casinos have become a large stomping ground for the local Arab and Chaldean communities in recent years. 

Palestinian Israelis to Obama: This Is Our Homeland Too

Jalal Ghazi

Arabs and Palestinians also relive history in this land. I remember a song from my youth that begins with the words, “The land speaks Arabic.” Sung in the classroom, it is meant to emphasize the ancient connection linking Palestinians to the land of Palestine. Indeed, the Arab names of many villages today date back to the pre-Israelite era. In many cases even Israeli archeologists will use the Arabic names to identify Biblical sites. 

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