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Marijuana Use in Michigan’s Arab-American Community

Samer Hijazi

Marijuana smoking is a recreational activity for many local Arab and Muslim Americans. But those who consume it continue to conceal the habit out of fears of social scrutiny, challenges with the law and uncertainty of where it stands in the religion. Michigan's marijuana laws continue to remain unclear. In the last few years, the laws have shifted drastically to decriminalize personal pot smoking in many cities and to allow medical marijuana patients an easier path for consumption.

In Bankrupt Detroit, Gambling Addiction Is on the Rise

Samer Hijazi

For a bankrupt Detroit, the gaming industry has been a steady source of income and tax revenue over the last decade, despite an unstable auto industry. But while the establishment of MGM Grand Detroit, Motor City Casino (MCC) and Greektown Casino have attracted hundreds of thousands of metropolitan residents into the city, it's no secret that the casinos have become a large stomping ground for the local Arab and Chaldean communities in recent years. 

Fighting Against Cultural Obligations of Marriage

Fatima Fakhreddine

It is no secret that there is a lot of pressure on Arab American women to get married at a young age. Many find it difficult to concentrate on pursuing higher education because of cultural limitations. The expectations many families have for their daughters to get married in their 20s or earlier is not limited to the Arab community. It exists in other minority groups. Not all Arab American families expect their daughters to get married young or put pressure on them to do so, but it is a common problem. 

How Smoking Hookahs Became a Popular Fad and a Health Hazard

David Leveille

"I'm alarmed by this explosion because hookah smoking is perceived by many as not as risky as cigarettes, while in fact the data show on the contrary, it's even riskier. The risk of developing systemic diseases from hookah are even more extensive than cigarette smoking." That comparison to cigarettes may be surprising to many young people who believe that inhaling smoke that's cooled by a waterpipe isn't as harmful as smoking cigarette tobacco. Wrong.

The Year in Other News

NAM Staff

For news headlines, 2013 didn’t disappoint. From ongoing violence in the Middle East to the rollout of landmark health care reform here at home, the ascension of a new pope and the passing of an international human rights icon, the year’s tumult was splashed across news Websites and front pages worldwide. But for U.S.-based ethnic media, there were other stories that – while less reported – hit closer to home. 

Remembering Helen Thomas

Natasha Dado

Thomas covered 11 presidents from Dwight Eisenhower to Barack Obama for the United Press International and Hearst Newspapers. She wrote five books and was the first female member of the National Press Club, White House Correspondents' Association and the Gridiron Club, which announced her death. Thomas’ ability to vigorously question U.S. presidents and other high-powered officials are what made her stand out. She never shied away from asking the tough questions, or expressing unpopular views. 

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