Huffington Post’s ‘Voces’ Aims to Lure Latino Readers

Maya Kosover

While many mainstream media outlets are trying to reach the sought-after, online-savvy 20-40-year-old Latino market, Huffingon Post Voces Editorial Director Gabriel Lerner believes he has found the key with his new site. Huffington Post Voces provides a service that doesn’t exist anywhere else, according to Lerner: a collection of information from diverse international and national sources, and a commitment to provide truth to readers in their native language.

Hold the Ethics: Surveillance, Data Mining and the Destruction of Personal Privacy

Tyler Huggins

The drive to destroy the private sphere of consciousness inextricably links Moore's law and Singularity with advances in surveillance, data mining and the systematic destruction of personal privacy. Singularity and privacy will not coexist, although the technology that propels us toward the Singularity needs privacy and its destruction to study human intelligence more acutely. As private consciousness becomes more available for examination and translation, Singularity becomes more realistic. 

The Next Step for AOL

Tara Taghizadeh

AOL has been treading on shaky ground for a while. Layoffs have taken place in 2007, 2009, 2010, as well as this year. As the company fights to carve out a niche for itself in the ever-expanding, busy world of the Internet, the value of AOL’s stock continues to dwindle as rumors swirl that AOL will be put up for sale. 

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