Travis Burke and the Art of Adventure Photography

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Travis Burke’s creative approach to outdoor adventure photography stems from his own perspective on life. His dedication to conquering anything thrown at him and living life with no regrets shines through in his photographs. Whether it’s walking a slackline over canyons, freediving through caves in the ocean or capturing the Milky Way Galaxy in remote locations, Burke is constantly pushing himself and the boundaries of his craft.


 His initial spark for photography happened about eight years ago when he met up with his parents in Yosemite National Park.  Burke had decided to buy a Nikon D300 to document as much as he could.  The camera forced him to slow down and appreciate the beauty and really search for ways to capture it.  When he got home, he enrolled in a few photo classes at a community college, participated in various workshops and listened to guest speakers to start learning the basics and gain as much knowledge as he could.


From there, he worked for years as an intern and assisted professional photographers in multiple fields to get hands-on experience before slowly taking off on his own.  Burke’s first major photography job that he was passionate about was a staff position with GrindTV, which fell together by attending a journalism class and having a portfolio ready to show.


Over the past four years, Burke has amassed almost 800,000 followers on Instagram and his photos have been published in Backpacker Magazine and on the cover of National Geographic Magazine.  Along his journey, the avid athlete can be found walking slacklines over canyons, freediving through caves in the ocean and pushing himself and the boundaries of his craft.


He’s enjoyed living in the van his grandmother gave him, which he converted into the ultimate “adventure mobile” -- affectionately known as Betty the Grey Wolf.   He’s visited the backroads of Vermont during fall to photograph a covered bridge under the star-filled night sky. He’s captured the dangerous, yet stunningly beautiful ice caves in Washington and spent months in Utah exploring some of the longest and deepest slot canyons in the world, searching for the perfect light. Burke is following his dreams, wherever they take him -- chasing inspiring images and capturing them for us all to see.


Burke’s breathtaking pictures feature the unending beauty of the natural world. A trademark of his images is the human touch: a man on a cliff admiring the beauty before him, a trio trekking through rock formations, a couple kissing under a waterfall. Burke says it helps people experience the emotion and grandeur of the location and imagine themselves being there.


When he is not taking photographs, Burke enjoys surfing, skateboarding, reading, slacklining, Ping-Pong, freediving, backpacking, mountain biking, jogging, rock climbing and snowboarding.






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