Artist George Townley Embraces the Sun-Soaked Scenery of Los Angeles

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George Townley, an illustrator and designer based in London, specializes in colorful, symmetrical works of architecture and Los Angeles.


Townley’s fascination with Los Angeles stems from a study-abroad program during his university years. The trip completely changed his style for the better, and instilled a passion for all things Americana, which has been prevalent in his art.



As Townley explains, "I’d always been obsessed with Los Angeles, but it wasn’t to the point where I’d decided I wanted to base my career on it – my interest mostly came from watching old movies growing up. I love that golden age of Hollywood and watched so many classic films. It wasn’t until I actually visited that I realized how much of an impact the city would have on me.”


Escapism is a major theme in Townley’s work and the driving inspiration for his art. He grew up in a small, rainy town in the north of England, so drawing sun-soaked landscapes in California was a way of escaping his environment. According to Townley, “I'm a big advocate for escaping your surroundings through art.”



Townley just had his fifth annual solo show recently, which was a huge success. Every year, he hosts an in-person show with the iconic pop-culture gallery Gallery1988 in LA.


“It's incredibly inspiring meeting likeminded people who are fans of my work, and seeing their passion for the same subject matter is very rewarding,” he says.


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Images courtesy of George Townley
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