2012 Oscars

Celebrating the Art of Animated Shorts at the Oscars

Elizabeth Pyjov

Animation offers viewers both the sensory effect of a film and the altered, stylized universe of a painting. There is something moving and poetic about animation that live-action is unable to access. Since 1931, the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences has awarded an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. Here is a closer look at this year’s five animated short films.

Oscars Preview: Who Will Win (and Should Win) at the 2012 Academy Awards

Loren DiBlasi

Just when you thought you would never be able to forget the total train wreck that was James Franco and Anne Hathaway at last year’s Oscars ceremony, here we go again: The Academy Awards are this Sunday. So whose names will be called as winners of the coveted gold statuette? Do they really deserve to win-- and who might spoil it for them? Let’s break down the major categories and find out.

Foreign Films That Didn't Make the 2012 Oscars Cut

Peter Schurmann

This year's favorite for the Best Foreign Language Oscar depicts a couple battling an emotional separation and the theocracy that governs them. Set in Tehran, the film's warm reception in the United States says more about us -- and our unease with the wider world - than it does about Iran. Asghar Farhadi's “A Separation” vindicates our view of Iranians on some level, which is likely why it resonates with the Academy. But what about the films that don't? The past year saw a slew of movies that made waves with audiences in their home countries for reasons that have nothing to do with us.

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