Nonamey Art Show Recalls Relics of Americana

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Nonamey (they/them) is the pseudonym of Z. Taylor. They are a Portland-based artist, having spent their formative years in Taos, New Mexico. Nonamey has exhibited works in the U.S. and internationally, notably at the Lucca Biennale, CONTEXT Miami, CONTEXT New York, and the LA Art Show. They are co-founder of the art collective, Dosshaus (active years 2011-2019).


Growing up in the Southwest, they were inspired early on by the relics of Americana: motels with shattered neon, vacant houses, train cars, and roadside objects. These experiences translate into the work they create today from the banks of the Willamette River.


Using cardboard, acrylic, spray paint, and paper, Nonamey has created a body of work varying from sculpture, to painting, to installation art.


For more information about this exhibit, visit Gallery 30 South.






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