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EDITOR’S NOTE: New America Media surveyed some of the nation’s leading ethnic media outlets and editors to see who, if anyone, they are endorsing in the 2012 presidential election. What NAM discovered is continued strong support for the incumbent. Much more interesting, however, are the reasons the media gave for their endorsement.


Following are excerpts of endorsements taken from a variety of Latino, Black and Asian media, with links to the complete articles and programs, where possible.


Vida en el Valle: “Obama deserves 4 more years”


The President has shown real political backbone when it came to dealing with this nation's worst economic crisis since the Great Depression; to hunting down and killing Osama bin Laden; to ending the war in Iraq and starting to bring back our troops from Afghanistan; and to passing healthcare reform, among other achievements. That he accomplished all of these despite the Republican obstructionists is a big credit to his role as a leader.


Job creation is on the increase, the mortgage mess is stabilizing, and the stock market has rebounded to pre-2008 meltdown levels.


Gov. Mitt Romney’s… stances on various issues have been all over the map, in his quest to paint himself as a "moderate." It is too risky to wait until he is in the White House to know what the Republican presidential candidate would do with immigration reform, relations in the Middle East, or economic stability.


Obama will need to lobby the American people to get a stubborn Republican Party to contribute to solving issues like immigration reform, continued economic recovery, and the implementation of healthcare reform.



Eastern Group Publications: “Obama for President”


Medicare we believe is safe, as is Social Security, with a Democrat as president.


Probably one of the most important tasks the president will have to decide on will be the appointment of two and perhaps even three new Supreme Court Justices. We feel that there needs to be more balance on a Court that in recent years has moved far to the right on matters of corporate responsibility and rights for workers and women. We believe Obama’s appointments (to the Supreme Court) will be more centrist.



La Opinion: "There is no clearer choice for Hispanic voters than to re-elect President Barack Obama"


In the face of fierce opposition, the President managed to pass a healthcare bill that will extend benefits to many in our community. The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, adds 9 million Latinos currently without coverage to the health care rolls – a life-saving boost for a community that suffers the highest uninsured rates in the country. The very idea of repealing this law, which Romney proposed, is nonsense.


On health care, there is also a big difference between both candidates when it comes to women's reproductive health. With Romney, women are at risk of losing access to important services in employer-provided health insurance, like the option to make decisions about their bodies and health.


The President recognizes the needs of our community and the brilliance of our sons and daughters. His historic appointment of Justice Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court is the brightest example of this. Left up to Romney, Justice Sotomayor would not be sitting on the Supreme Court. The Republican candidate has said that given the chance, he would have voted against her nomination.


The blunt reality is that Romney has not worked to gain the trust of Latinos.



La Voz del Pueblo: “Being Republican is synonymous with being anti-Hispanic.”


Ed. Note: Fernando Sergio, host of Denver's La Voz del Pueblo radio program on Que Bueno 1280 AM, has endorsed President Obama. The excerpt below was taken from a column he wrote for Viva Colorado:


Romney simply can't connect with the average voter, and even less with the Hispanic voter. Eight years ago George W. Bush conquered 44 percent of the Latino vote and Republicans spoke of a new national majority, but their optimism was a myth. Hard to believe, but a few years later the GOP and its stubbornness has led to a profound disappointment in our community. Now being Republican is synonymous with being anti-Hispanic.


Everything points to a comfortable victory for President Obama in the Hispanic community; almost 70 percent of Latino voters support him. Let it be clear that no one here is talking about idolizing Obama; the failure of many of his promises have caused a lot of disappointment. But Romney, followed by [Arizona Republican Gov. Jan] Brewer, [Arizona immigration law SB 1070 author Kris] Kobach and [Maricopa County Sheriff Joe] Arpaio, represents an unthinkable nightmare.


There is one guilty party, and his name is Mitt Romney, who, in seeking to win at

all costs has reached extremes that have caused a sharp rejection by Latino voters.



Beirut Times: “Obama’s economic plan will get 1.5 million more people working”


Ed. Note: In an emailed response, Beirut Times Editor Mona Smith told NAM that her paper will be endorsing President Obama for his economic plan.


Beirut Times will endorse President Barack Obama because according to the Economic Policy Institute, the Romney-Ryan economic plan would cost Americans a net 4.1 million jobs. On the other hand, Obama’s plan to continue the stimulus will get 1.5 million more people working.


All those people who are going back to work will have more cash to spend, which means they’ll further boost the economy. Obama will reduce taxes on the middle class, while increasing them on the wealthiest Americans, who use the infrastructure disproportionately and can well afford to pay for it.


Last but not the least, he chose his main opponent, Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State -- she has been a strong voice in support of women, children and democracy throughout the world.



Sing Tao: “President Obama‘s plan could grow the economy in the next four years.”


Ed. Note: In a phone interview, Sing Tao Editor-in-Chief Joseph Leung told NAM that the daily newspaper’s editorial board is endorsing President Obama.


Many voters…blame [Obama] for the weak economy, but our editorial board thinks the problem is not only [the fault of] the Obama administration, but also the Bush administration.


Our team wants to endorse a candidate who offers a clear vision for solving the country’s problems. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has changed his agenda on tax plans to please voters in order to get more votes. During a GOP debate in Arizona in February, Romney said, “We're going to cut taxes on everyone across the country by 20 percent, including the top 1 percent.” However, during the first presidential debate, Romney said that he would “absolutely not” support a plan that cuts taxes on the wealthy.


Romney said he would label China a currency manipulator on his first day in office. He also said that a cheap Chinese Yuan matters, because it gives China a competitive advantage, making it easier for Chinese manufacturers to sell their exports inexpensively. However, Romney himself has long invested in China and put millions into Chinese firms.


New Pittsburgh Courier: “Obama is fighting for the middle-class…where the vast majority of Black people are”


There’s a clear difference between President Obama and Mitt Romney. Obama is fighting for the middle-class, and low-income citizens, where the vast majority of Black people are, whereas Romney believes in the top down theory.


Boosting the economy for the middle-class, which will lead to more jobs is Obama’s top priority. As proven in the Clinton administration, when the middle-class grows so do the minority communities. There were more Blacks and other minorities and women who moved into the middle-class than in any other time in history.


Obama is working on getting more innovative  and creative new manufacturing jobs instead of the Romney method of buying up companies for profits then outsourcing the jobs.


Romney …will increase military spending which will take funds from the social programs Blacks so desperately need and you don’t spend more on something unless you plan to use it.


One of those cuts most likely will be education, which would be devastating to the Black community. Obama understands the importance of education to the growth of this country and how every child should have access to it, K-12, college and trade schools, regardless of income, whereas Romney lives in a different world. He says students should borrow from their parents. That’s great if your parents are rich, but most middle-class parents simply don’t have it.



Cleveland’s Call & Post: “We believe this president [Obama] is cut from an entirely different cloth”


In the wake of a severe storm that paralyzed many of our eastern states in the blink of an eye, President Barack Obama is on the case with all the federal resources that he can muster and at the same damn time, he’s working hand-in-hand with governors of the affected states. While we can’t help but to recall the aftermath of hurricane Katrina and the ineptness that President George W. Bush displayed – costing lives and affecting the displacement of a myriad of Gulf Coast residents (many of whom are still disenfranchised) – on the other hand, we believe this president is cut from an entirely different cloth.


Time and again, President Obama has faced down circumstances both critical in national magnitude and world-changing in tone and timbre. Need we add that President Obama has been able to redirect our nation from the brink of collapse despite a GOP-led U.S. Senate of obstructionists? Too late, we already did. But, we must also say shame on a political party who has collectively decided to go against whatever the president is for, even if some of the things he’s for are things they too had been for – and all of this for a one-term agenda to defeat an Obama re-election. In a world of swindlers it’s what they call among grifters, a “long con.”


Read more at:


The Washington Afro American: “His healthcare reform was the signature accomplishment of his administration”


President Barack Obama is running for a second term on the strength of his health care reform, his foreign policy initiatives, job creation, the auto industry bailout, banking industry reform and passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009. Among many African Americans, his healthcare reform was the signature accomplishment of his administration—providing care at a lower cost; allowing children to remain covered on their parents’ insurance plans up to the age of 26, and covering people with preexisting conditions.


We are not surprised that Obama hasn’t fulfilled a number of his 2008 promises. The mountain of uncooperative, disrespectful—at times insulting-- tactics, schemes etc., he has been subjected to, almost since the inception of his term, exceeds anything any other President in recent memory has had to endure.


We recognize that once re-elected, this environment will not likely change—at least immediately. However, we believe that a second term itself will be a mandate that it is his vision and actions the American people support as opposed to those championed by the intractable conservative Republican blockade currently in Congress.


While Obama has been criticized by some African Americans for not moving faster to address our concerns—the staggering 14 percent Black unemployment rate, to name one—we believe him to be more sensitive to these issues. We realize that in spite of his hands being congressionally tied in addressing our community’s specific issues, Obama nevertheless represents a far better chance for these concerns to be addressed then would be the case were Britt Romney our President.


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