Entr'ouvert: Man and the Urban/Rural Landscape

Vivien Ayroles and Stefano Marchionini


Vivien Ayroles is a photographer based in Paris.


I started to photograph in 2006. Entr'ouvert is the first project I collaborated on with the artist Stefano Marchionini when we were living together in Venice, Italy. This series has been exhibited in Nov.-Dec. 2008 in a gallery in Venice. Coming back to France, I've kept working on my own photography experiencing a bigger interest in landscapes rather than portraits. Marchionini and I self-published a book in Nov. 2010 titled ÉTÉ 10 which was a kind of portrait of our relationship by the prism of the apartment where we were living. I now concentrate myself on shooting in analogue medium format urban or rural landscapes. My very last project is called "Jardins de béton", which are rock gardens found at the entrances to residential and business buildings in Paris.


Entr'ouvert originates in our desire to integrate photographic images of different origins into diptychs, whose nature is to shed new light on their constituent parts. The combination of the images chosen here shows the relation between man and the urban or rural landscape, the relation between ‘internal’ (the intimate dimension) and ‘external’ (the social dimension). It is our wish to avoid whatever narrative might originate from the single images used in the diptychs : there is no story, there is no text. This lack of causality between the two images of the diptych will allow the viewer to form his/her own response. We expose man to an image of himself and of his constructions of natural and artificial bodies.








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Vivien Ayroles
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