Sarah Darling and the Nashville Dream

Alysia Stern


Sarah Darling is one of today’s up-and-coming country music artists. She dabbled in acting and dancing growing , which landed her spots in several country music videos. In fact, she was the mannequin in a Big and Rich video. Sarah has performed several times at The Grand Ole Opry.  


Sarah flew to Long Island on September 21st. She sang in New York City on “Fox and Friends,” performed at the Vets Rock Concert at the Pennysaver Amphitheater and was the musical artist at Citi Field during the Met’s game on September 23rd.  She recently spoke with Highbrow Magazine.


I was reading your bio and it says that you moved from Iowa to Nashville after saving $5,000. How old were you when this transition occurred and can you tell me a little bit about this life-changing moment?

I graduated high school and immediately knew I wanted to move to Nashville. I worked at an Italian restaurant in Des Moines; it was called Biaggi’s. I waited one year after I graduated and saved up enough money to move to Nashville. My parents moved me and I did not know anyone there. I knew I wanted to move there and be there and pursue music.


Did your career begin in Iowa?

I ended up getting discovered in Nashville at a song writer’s night. I always say that it is a journey, I learned so much along the way. The first step was moving to Nashville and then as an artist I had to set myself apart from others. As an artist you have to sound different, for me it was doing the writer’s night. I was doing some song writing and got discovered.


When and who introduced you to the song “Blackbird”? It seems to be from an older generation but you really got that tune down pat.

I was part of a charity project. I was asked to record a Paul McCartney song. There were several country artists and we recorded “Let Us In”. All the proceeds went to a women and cancer fund. I chose “Blackbird” which was written by Paul. I always loved that song. It turned out that became the lead track off the entire album. Sirius XM started playing it. It turned out to be such a great song for me, a bridge to making my new brand new record now.


Did you write the song “Something to Do With Your Hands?

Yes. That was on the last album I released.


Tell me about your new song “Home To Me”.

Isn’t that a great song? It is a great song… it is so relatable to everyone. I think it is a metaphor song… no matter where you are or the person you are with, it feels like home to you. No matter where you are; home is where the heart is.


How long did it take you to get that song down pat?

The funny thing about that song, when I first heard it I didn’t know if it fit me. My producer said he really had a feeling about this song. I literally sang it once and I listened to it several times. I played it at a show before I went to record it. The first time I sang it we just knew. There was a connection with it. It’s a fun song and I think everyone can relate to it.


Can you tell us a bit about your crock pots?

I love to cook. Last year I did a partnership with Crock-Pot. They had found me through my manager and it just seemed like a perfect fit. I did some cooking demos on You Tube and I was also on a million Crock Pot boxes. It was a neat promotion because when I am home that is usually what I am doing … cooking!

(To celebrate the partnership with Crock-Pot, Sarah held a slow cooker inspired recipe card signing at the Opry store  before performing during both Grand Ole Opry shows. CrockStar Confessions is a social media campaign featuring Crock-Pot and Sarah as the first CrockStar. Sarah will share her own confessions about how she uses her Crock-Pot at home and on the roa, as can fans.)


What is your favorite sport?

I love baseball.


What artists stole your heart and influenced you as you were growing up in Des Moines?

My grandfather was into traditional country music like Johnny Cash and some of the greats. I was about 13 years old and that’s when Shania Twain came on and I thought she was the coolest, hip singer and I wanted to be like Shania Twain, honestly. That was the first time I recognized something in myself and in someone else and I knew from then on that I wanted to be a country artist. It was the right time. There were so many great females coming out at that time and I just got so inspired. It matched me and what I wanted to do.


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Author Bio:

Alysia Stern is a contributing writer at Highbrow Magazine.


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