The Art of Will Winton

Will Winton


I was originally trained as an architect, but abandoned the career to pursue other interests. Architecture school, however, provided sound training in the fundamentals of drawing and design, which have served me well as I pursue an artistic career.


Fifteen years ago, I began experimenting with epoxy (more specifically, p-isopropylidenebisphenol resin). I am one of only a handful of artists in the country who used this challenging medium. A two-part resin, the epoxy hardens quickly, necessitating a great deal of preliminary drawings before I set brush to canvas.


Shunning the current tired artistic trend of re-tread conceptualism, I seek to simply create unique works of beauty. I create art to hang on the wall, not fill a gallery nor excite the critics. As my work is hanging in many private collections here and abroad, I can attest to its relevance.


I am profoundly influenced by both the Expressionists and the Abstract Modern masters such as Mark Rothko.


Originally from Washington, D.C.  Currently in residence at my studios in Sewanee, TN.


Featured slideshow of Will Winton's art below:


 1. Blue X; 2. Poppies; 3. Wash in Blue; 4. Green Orbs; 5. Wash of Color; 6. Black Red Square.


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Will Winton (Rainbow Wash)
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