Photographer Erik Madigan Heck Turns His Focus Inward in Intimate New Series

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Jackson Fine Art is currently featuring an exhibition of new works by Erik Madigan Heck from his new series and accompanying monograph, The Garden.

This is the gallery’s second solo exhibition of Heck’s painterly large-scale photographs, following 2018’s Old Future.

For The Garden, Heck’s focus turns inward, photographing his family and studies of the idyllic landscape surrounding their home.

Composed over a five-year period, the series explores the birth of the photographer’s two sons and the passing of his beloved mother, juxtaposing these hyperpersonal works with more purely aesthetic pursuits -- explosions of vibrant color and re-imaginings of classical landscapes.

For more information about the exhibit, visit Jackson Fine Art.







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All images courtesy of Erik Madigan Heck and Jackson Fine Art
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