A Photographer’s Fascination With the Natural Beauty of the Florida Coast

Anthony J. Peritore


Anthony J. Peritore’s captivation with Cape Canaveral and Merritt Island was set in motion by his initial National Geographic assignment. His experience in photographic equipment management and specialty in remote image capture for aviation brought him to Florida’s Space Coast to photograph the inaugural Space Shuttle launch, continuing with two decades of assignments.


On his days off, Peritore was drawn to Merritt Island, a gathering place of the Atlantic Flyway bird migration route. His enthusiasm for nature inspired him to retire to the area, where he continues to photograph the beauty of the coastal region.


Peritore joined the National Geographic Society as a staff member in 1979 and worked there until December 2014.


Since his retirement, Peritore has focused on Cape Canaveral and Merritt Island. His lifelong disciplined approach to image-making has lent an added freedom to immerse himself in the tranquility of observing nature.


Peritore was raised in Coney Island, Brooklyn. He picked up his first Pentax Spotmatic in the 1960s, and he continues today to look through the viewfinder for feathered and aluminum birds alike.








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All photos courtesy of Anthony J. Peritore
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