Vincent Fink Draws on His Subconscious to Create Surrealist Masterpieces

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Vincent Fink is an award-winning contemporary surrealist and full-time artist who was raised in the greater Houston area. He works out of his Winter Street Studio in the Arts District.


His first series, Atlas Metamorphosis, started with detailed greyscale sumi ink drawings that spawned from a lucid dream. Since then, his art evolves from his series of Sacred Geometry Surrealism paintings, called Iterations, to multimedia public art and installations including sculpture and animation. The subconscious, with its symbolic story-telling, has always played a part in his cultural narrative message.


As Fink explains, his dark images with warped perspectives “invite the viewer into a world that came from a lucid dream in which I observed the completed work. Pushing myself to recreate something that was beyond my imagination and skill in my waking life, I have used this inspiration to develop the Metamorphosis Project, a concept that continues to spawn the hidden messages of my dreams.”


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All images copyright © of Vincent Fink.


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All images courtesy of Vincent Fink
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