Inside the Crude, Trippy, Politically Charged World of Artist Sean Kush

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Sean Kush has been creating sociopolitical paintings and illustrations since 2015,touching on a wide range of modern topics and often featuring God and Jesus reacting. Sober since 2007, Sean used to be a homeless drug addict. After cleaning up, he began working in the rehabilitation field, helping drug addicts and mental patients professionally.


Much of his crude and trippy subject matter comes from personal experience during and after his drug addiction, and his own sense of social consciousness. 


According to Eben Benson, former managing editor or Juxtapoz Magazine, “Sean ‘Kush’ Kushner is an LA-based artist who creates politically and socially charged paintings that aim to lampoon figures of authority and power. He has no formal art training and draws heavily from his history in graffiti, skateboarding, surfing, and comics to create brilliantly-colored worlds within his work, referencing both his own experiences and beyond. Despite his impartiality to religion, his paintings contain LSD-inspired religious commentaries for no other purpose than their familiarity and provocative nature, bringing both the spiritual and physical worlds into conversation and conflict.”







The exhibit is on display at Superchief Gallery LA through January 25th.


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