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Will Smith Shuns Oscars in Diversity Protest

Jill Serjeant

Will Smith on Thursday joined director Spike Lee, and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, in not attending the 2016 Oscar ceremony in February in protest over the absence of nominated actors of color, while nominee Mark Ruffalo said he will attend the show after confusion over his stance. Smith, star of football head trauma movie "Concussion," was the highest-profile black actor to be snubbed by Oscar voters when nominees were announced last week. 

Why Do the Oscars Ignore Actors of Color?

Jacqueline Keeler

Even films like “Creed” and “Straight Outta Compton” which were viewed as Oscar contenders only garnered nominations for Sylvester Stallone and white writers Jonathan Herman and Andrea Berloff. And, unsurprisingly, after 88 years there are still no Oscar nominations for Native American actors or filmmakers or writers. Indians have been a part of Hollywood at least as long as the cowboy. But the struggle to disentangle our modern selves from the old storylines set up at the dawn of the medium of cinema continues into the 21st century.

'Bridge of Spies,' ‘The Revenant’ Receive Several BAFTA Nominations

Marie-Louise Gumuchian

"Bridge of Spies", which stars Tom Hanks as a lawyer negotiating the release of a U.S. pilot held captive by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, won a nomination for director Steven Spielberg as well as for best film. Mark Rylance was nominated for supporting actor and the drama is also in the running for original screenplay, sound, cinematography, original music, editing and production design.

Ricky Gervais Prepares to Host 2016 Golden Globes Ceremony

Piya Sinha-Roy

With free-flowing champagne and blistering jokes that have yet to be told but have already been apologized for, Sunday's Golden Globes promise a rowdy night featuring Hollywood's top names and a wide-open awards race to keep viewers in suspense. The Globes, chosen by Hollywood Foreign Press Association voters, often offer a prescient preview of the more prestigious Academy Awards. Britain's acerbic Ricky Gervais will take over hosting duties from comedy duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

The Female Takeover of Hollywood? Soon, But Not Yet

Angelo Franco

The answer to that may lie with Sorkin’s incendiary comments. As was the case with Bridesmaids, women-centered films make, on average, more money than male-driven movies. In 2014, for example, the film The Other Woman, about three women who find out they are dating the same guy and form a bond amongst each other and a revenge plan against him, opened to an unexpected $24.7 million in weekend sales, taking the number-one spot on the box office to beat out juggernaut Captain America: The Winter Soldier

A Bear Attack Sparks Revenge Quest in 'The Revenant'

Piya Sinha-Roy

"The Revenant," out in limited U.S. theaters since Christmas Day, follows the story of Pioneer-era fur trapper Hugh Glass, who was mauled in a grizzly bear attack and left for dead by his companions. Glass excruciatingly travels across vast, primitive landscapes in pursuit of retribution against the men who abandoned him, with scenes that do not shy away from the gruesome reality of his circumstances.

David O. Russell on the ‘Joy’ of Working With Jennifer Lawrence

Jill Serjeant

Award-winning director David O. Russell's latest movie "Joy" is about a woman finding happiness in life despite everyday obstacles. But the word might also be used to sum up Russell's relationship with Jennifer Lawrence, the actress he calls his muse, who has starred in his last three movies. Russell, who directed Lawrence in her 2012 Oscar-winning role as a young widow in "Silver Linings Playbook" and in 2014's "American Hustle," said that as an actress and a person, she inspires him to take risks with filmmaking.

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Ranks as One of AFI's Best Films of 2015

Piya Sinha-Roy

The American Film Institute's top films of the year are selected by critics, scholars, TV and film artists and AFI trustees, and come on the heels of this year's Golden Globe and Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) nominations. While "Star Wars" did not receive any Globe or SAG nominations, likely due to the fact that voters would not have seen the film, which has been shrouded in secrecy, its AFI nomination makes it a potential contender for February's Oscars ceremony.


‘The New Rijksmusuem’ Sheds Light on the Renovation of the Netherlands’ Most Famous Museum

Gabriella Tutino

While the designs and construction of the museum are being worked on, restoration and organization for the museum’s art collection—1 million objects ranging from sculptures to paintings to furniture—is also underway. The documentary sheds a light into some of the processes and behind-the-scenes of the work it takes to maintain art, as well as acquire pieces. For example, the film follows Curator of Asian Art Menno Fitski as he procures two Japanese temple guards for an exhibit, and it follows Curator of Furniture Reinier Baarsen as he oversees the reproduction of a 17th century room.

‘The Revenant,’ ‘Spotlight’ Receive ‘Best Picture’ Nominations for Golden Globes

Piya Sinha-Roy

"The Big Short," which takes a quirky look at the housing bubble collapse that led to the 2008 U.S. recession, led the comedy nominees with four nods; best comedy, screenplay and actor for Christian Bale and Steve Carell. "We really tried to craft a movie that was energetic and entertaining, that could bring people to this issue with some excitement as opposed to being very dry," director and co-writer Adam McKay told Reuters.


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