The Link Between Overcrowded Housing and Mental Health

Rabiya Hussein

A younger son of Ramirez was diagnosed with ADHD, and she worried about the impact of the frequent yelling in the home, which she attributed to the stress of living in a cramped environment. “When a kid who has ADHD starts listening to someone who’s yelling, they start feeling anxious [and] he just doesn’t want to be home.” Ramirez said her two teenage children, a girl and a boy, also suffered from having to share a room. 

Voter Suppression Tactics in Ohio

Zenitha Prince

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2012 American Community Survey, almost 13 percent of Hamilton County households –mostly in Cincinnati—do not own a vehicle, creating a potential barrier to early voting given the relatively difficult access to the new site. It is but one of several new laws and policies that rolls back access to the ballot box in Ohio, voting advocates say.

Documentary Offers In-Depth Look at Lemurs in Madagascar

Kate Voss

“Before I was a scientist, I was a social worker in Brooklyn,” said Patricia Wright, an anthropologist and conservationist who has spent nearly 30 years studying Lemurs in the rain-forests of Madagascar. She says that in Madagascar, both humans and lemurs struggle with the scarcity of resources. Man-made fires have ravaged much of the lemurs’ natural habitat. Wright is a central focus of the recently released documentary, Island of Lemurs: Madagascar, which strives to educate the general public about the plight of lemurs.

The Good News About Healthcare Costs

Jim Jaffe

If these trends are more than a benign anomaly, they would not only ease pressure on the Medicare budget, but would moderate government health spending generally, a development that could vaporize concerns about the growing cost of entitlement programs.  As analysts of all political stripes have been saying, America’s government doesn’t have a spending problem; it has a health spending problem.  

From Prisoner to President: Remembering the Late Nelson Mandela

Karolina R. Swasey

Detainee number 46664 would not surrender nor show any weakness. He read and wrote a lot, mastered self-control, discipline, patience, and the fine art of tactfully dealing with opponents by bringing out the good in them — an important leadership quality that would come in handy when the secret negotiations with the apartheid regime began in the 1980s. It was this messianic skill that led to his release from prison and ultimately to the “Wonder of Cape Town,” which earned him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.  

From Korean Tacos to Kimchi Fries: The Next Wave of Street Food

Jane Han

While Korean tacos are all the rage, the wildly popular Austin food truck has moved onto something even better – fries, on steroids. The Tex-Mex Korean fusion dish became so popular, it instantly put Chi’Lantro on the competitive food truck map, right up against other mega mobile eateries across the U.S. Now running five trucks in Austin and Houston, owner Jae Kim may come off as some kind of French Fries master.

The Curse of the Gothic Symphony Lingers On

Angelo Franco

A terrific portrayal of passion and perseverance, this film depicts a rather obsessive group of musicians – and an exasperated filmmaker – as they attempt to orchestrate the “Everest” of classical music. Reputed to be the largest, longest, and most complex composition ever written, Havergal Brian’s Symphony No. 1 “The Gothic” is a colossal piece of classical music requiring a number of musicians so vast that it has only been performed four times since its completion in 1927.

Inside the World of YouTube Gurus

Kaitlyn Fajilan

With over 45,000 non-brand affiliated YouTube channels specializing in cosmetic or sartorial advice, Fashion and Beauty is fast becoming a formidable game player within the digital media platform. In fact, according to the recent findings of Pixability, a big data software company that performs research to help major brands cater their marketing toward specific YouTube audiences, a whopping 14.9 billion YouTube video views are beauty-related. 

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