Welcome to (That Other) Spanish City

Alyssa Avallon

Valencia offers a perfect balance of city and beach, as it lies right on the east coast of Spain (it’s sunny an average of 300 days per year). Although it has received mixed reviews from visitors who claim that it pales in comparison to Madrid and Barcelona, the city still offers a unique blend of charms.


Moscow vs. St. Petersburg: A Travel Guide with Literary Aspirations

Nataliya Nedzhvetskaya

Moscow or St. Petersburg? If you’ve ever found yourself a foreigner in Russia, chances are you’ve been asked this question. After taking in the perfectly proportioned boulevards and neoclassical facades of St. Petersburg and the congested highways and architectural indecision of Moscow, you may have even attempted to answer it. In this country of “two capitals,” an outsider’s opinion provides valuable justification for a city-dweller’s pride.

The Most Underrated City in the U.S.?

Luke Lavoie

A resident praises Baltimore’s charms.

When you think of Baltimore, what comes to mind? It could be sports as Baltimore is home to both the Orioles and the Ravens. Maybe it’s films and TV shows like Hairspray and The Wire, both set in this Maryland mainstay.  Or perhaps crabs, the city’s trademark cuisine.


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