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Entr'ouvert: Man and the Urban/Rural Landscape

Vivien Ayroles and Stefano Marchionini

Entr'ouvert originates in our desire to integrate photographic images of different origins into diptychs, whose nature is to shed new light on their constituent parts. The combination of the images chosen here shows the relation between man and the urban or rural landscape, the relation between ‘internal’ (the intimate dimension) and ‘external’ (the social dimension). It is our wish to avoid whatever narrative might originate from the single images used in the diptychs : there is no story, there is no text. 

Portraits of China

John Torrente

China is kinetic. Frenetic. A constant barrage of dutiful chaos a billion souls strong. It’s a place where grandma and grandpa still don the blue Mao suits, while their upwardly mobile offspring drive late model Porsche SUVs. Today, the Western world is fixated on China’s economic growth and mixed market economy, but we rarely see or hear about the Chinese people and their daily life.

Ben Blatt and the Art of Watercolor

Kristin Sancken

Brooklyn-based artist Ben Blatt has emerged as one of the most exacting watercolorists in the contemporary art world. It would be hard to describe Blatt’s work without using the word striking. His lush paintings of overgrown terrariums and botanical bell jars open ones eyes to elaborate fantasy worlds full of ornate details, exquisite visual components, and utopian narratives. Blatt’s pieces are evocative of a natural reverie completely encompassing the infinite mystery and fragility of the world around us. 

The Art of Carl Heyward

Carl Heyward

Carl Heyward is an artist and writer living in San Francisco. He has exhibited his mixed-media paintings and artists’ books internationally and has been collected by numerous institutions and individuals including: The Sackner Archives, Califia Books, The New Museum of Art (NY), SF Museum of Modern Art Library, SF Art Institute, SF Academy of Art University, Yale University Art Library, The Australian National Gallery and Sonoma County Museum of Modern Art. 

Acclaimed Artist Gary Komarin Unveils Cake Paintings at MARCH

Gary Komarin

Inspired by his mother, a consummate baker, and his father, an architect, Komarin’s Cake Paintings series cleverly explores the intersection of the domestic with the architectural. The water-based enamel and spackle paintings are rendered on paper bags.  The reoccurring cake iconography is endlessly evocative --lending itself to many layers of interpretation and the spontaneous, bold lines, combined with the unusual media, strike a delicate balance between sophistication and simplicity. 


Artist Jennifer Perlmutter Explores Emotional Challenges in 'Running Through the Forest'

Jennifer Perlmutter

Cero Space, a gallery in the Brewery Arts Complex of downtown Los Angeles, is presenting paintings by contemporary abstract artist Jennifer Perlmutter. The series, "Running Through the Forest, Trails of Uncertainty" explores the artist's emotional and psychological challenges as filtered through the colors, energy and subtle impressions of the natural world. 

Jesper Just: This Nameless Spectacle

Jesper Just

James Cohan Gallery in New York City is currently presenting “Jesper Just: This Nameless Spectacle,” which opened on September 6th and is running through October 27th. The exhibition will be the New York-based Danish artist’s first at James Cohan Gallery and the first solo exhibition in New York since his survey show at the Brooklyn Museum in 2008. Well known for employing high production value cinematography to create film works that subvert the usual stereotypes that have come to be associated with Hollywood’s mainstream film industry, Just has been selected to represent Denmark at the Venice Biennale in 2013. 

The Land of the Rising Sun: A Photo Essay

Misa Shikuma

Atrocity in Zimbabwe: A Photo Essay

Robin Hammond

On the 18th of April this year Zimbabwe celebrated 32 years of independence. The reality though is that few were rejoicing. The freedom that was promised three decades earlier has become oppression, the democracy blacks fought a war and died for turned into dictatorship, and independence from 100 years of colonial rule turned into enslavement to a brutal regime.With the support of the Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award, this is what I went to Zimbabwe to document: 32 years of a country in violent decline.

Adrift in Majestic Tokyo

Misa Shikuma

Having been to a fair number of major international metropolises, I was surprised to find Tokyo to be a completely different urban animal. The alleys felt narrower and the buildings taller than in even downtown Manhattan, but most striking was the inescapable sense of overpopulation. Sure there were some sparse enclaves away from bustling city life, like the tranquil Meiji Shrine in Shibuya, but many of the areas we visited were similar to Times Square – throbbing with energy and packed with people. 


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