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Tearing Down the Wall

David Perry

Walter Schubert suspected, rightly, that his staff, even family members, were being disdained, harassed and bullied for nearly three months in 1996. His antagonists never slithered out to confront the elder Schubert directly, even though he was the one they were after. But he would bring the battle to them, if need be, even if it meant a brawl at Wall and New Streets. Every gay man has to know how and when to throw a punch.

A Tale From the Trenches: Unemployment 101

David Perry

Thanks to two economic recessions (2000, 2008), two company restructures, and a terrorist attack, I’ve been unemployed a total of four times, for a total of nearly six years.  Want to know the mental state of the unemployed? Let me be your guide though this particularly pot-holed landscape…

The Fellowship of the Thiel

Nataliya Nedzhvetskaya

The brainchild of PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, the Thiel Fellowship promises to give the world’s brightest minds under 20 the opportunity to “pursue innovative scientific and technical projects, learn entrepreneurship, and begin to build the technology companies of tomorrow.”   


Romney's Run

Daniel Sampson

Romney could convincingly argue that amongst Republican candidates, he possesses a unique blend of fiscal conservatism and proven business acumen that makes him the obvious choice for the Republican nomination.

Good vs. Evil: Managing the Technology Evolution

David Perry

So you’re a Luddite. Technology overwhelms you, and you reject it. You desire a world without all the nagging bells and whistles, tubes and wires of technology, a poetic “noble savage” existence in harmony with nature.The profusion of technology in the last 40 years has never been more brilliant, but that light reveals some starkly opposed visions.


Sartorial Colonialism: How the Suit Conquered the World

Reynard Loki

Imagine Gandhi. What is he wearing? Chances are your mind’s eye sees him in a simple piece of white fabric wrapped around his waist and legs. He’s wearing a dhoti, a seven-yard-long rectangular piece of unstitched cloth that is the traditional garb for men in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka.


But before Gandhi became the leader of the Indian independence movement and the inspiration for freedom fighters everywhere, he was a barrister who studied law at University College London. And at the time, he wore a suit.


In Defense of Rep. Weiner (and Other Scandal-Ridden Politicians)

Sam Chapin

In 1998, President Bill Clinton and White House intern Monica Lewinsky engaged in an act that would forever leave its mark on American politics, not to mention a certain blue dress. It was the day that doomed the reputation of one of our most popular presidents and transformed Capitol Hill into The Real World.

The Return of Candidate Obama

Maggie Hennefeld

Will the center-leaning and politically roadblocked President Obama have the force to resurrect the charismatic and inspirational Candidate Obama that we all remember from his momentous 2008 campaign? A few years ago, the symbolism that shrouded Barack Obama—the first African-American President in our country’s history running on an optimistic platform of “hope and change” with a commitment to bipartisanship  made him seem more like a deity than a politician to many of his ardent supporters.


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