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Why Art Should Never Censor Itself

Andrew Lam

Government officials and world institutions are even worse when it comes to self-censorship. On Feb 5, 2003, before then Secretary of State Colin Powell in his infamous WMD speech at the United Nations in New York, U.N. officials rushed to cover up the giant tapestry version of Pablo Picasso's anti-war mural "Guernica." Powell held up a little vial and told the world that, had that vial really contained WMD, it could kill tens of thousands. He managed to convince the already paranoid public that US invasion Iraq is a must. 

Despite Successful Acting, ‘Iceman’ Crime Drama is Hit or Miss

Nancy Lackey Shaffer

Kuklinski killed well over 100 people as a contract killer for the DeCavalcante and Gambino crime families in New Jersey and New York from the late 1960s until his arrest in 1986. He earned his nickname “The Iceman” by freezing the bodies of his victims for months before dumping them, confusing the time of death and keeping the police at bay for over a decade. His wife and children knew nothing of his “career” until the AFT bust. 

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