Big Bang Theory

Dungeons & Dragons and Us: The Rise of Geek Culture

Adam Gravano

This process isn't just confined to movies, though. Interestingly, it has extended to that apex of nerdy pastimes, the tabletop roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons. Many are familiar with the game, either from garish mischaracterizations in the press or from the pulpit or from their own personal practice. Lately, though, the game isn't being characterized as a means of communing with demons or the driving factor of suicides; it's getting top billing as a pastime of characters in Stranger Things and The Big Bang Theory.

The Social Renaissance of Science

Gabriella Tutino

Climate change. Creationism versus evolution. Deep space travel. Tesla electric cars. These are just a few buzzwords that have been repeatedly popping up in current news over the last few years. What ties them all together is that they’re science-related. From literature and entertainment to advertising and education, it seems as if science, and the appreciation of science, is entering a social renaissance in the 21st century. 

‘Flowers of War,’ ‘American Reunion’ Arrive on DVD, Blu-ray

Forrest Hartman

It’s natural for people to feel an affinity for favorite movie characters, and it can be particularly interesting to follow them through major life changes. “American Reunion,” the latest addition to the “American Pie” franchise, exists for just that reason. The movie is set about a decade after 2003’s “American Wedding,” and it brings the old gang back together for a high school reunion.  

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