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Cosby, Not Ebony Magazine, Fanned Stereotypes of the Black Family

Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Ebony Magazine stirred a mini-firestorm of rage when it dredged up an old photo shot of the TV Cosby show family, plopped it on its November cover, and then fractured the picture. The obvious point being that embattled comedian Bill Cosby not only disgraced his legacy but disgraced the hitherto near sacrosanct image and legacy of the celebrated Cosby TV show family, the Huxtables. The premise of the show was that there is fully intact, respectable, high-achieving, prim and proper black middle-class families. 

How the Supreme Court’s Decision on Same-Sex Marriage Affected Rulings Around the World

Angelo Franco

Subtle rumors that the Sixth Circuit Court had purposefully ruled to uphold same-sex marriage bans in order to force the hand of the Supreme Court quickly surfaced. This was fueled in part by Judge Martha C. Daughtrey, the sole dissent in the 2-1 vote of the Sixth Circuit Court decision, who wrote that this may have in fact been the majority’s ulterior motive because the “correct result” of the court’s ruling should be sufficiently “obvious.” 

How Will Obama's Foreign Policy Affect Biden if He Runs in 2016?

James Oliphant

As he calculates all the angles that would influence his candidacy - a decision is reportedly coming within days - Biden has more than the looming obstacle of front-runner Hillary Clinton to consider. As a candidate, he would become the chief defender of a foreign policy that critics say has been incoherent and that gets increasingly low marks in public opinion polls.


Is the Media to Blame for Shedding Light on Mass Killers?

Earl Ofari Hutchinson

The FBI and police groups have followed this tact. The no name campaign is horrific recognition of what studies show and that’s that mass killers know exactly what they’re doing, and bank heavily on turning their killing spree into warped and perverse mass theater and spectacle. They know this is the kind of gory sensationalism that much of the media feeds on, and they’ll get the sick and sordid attention they crave. In less than a week after the Oregon college mass killing, there were shootings at Northern Arizona University, and Texas Southern University.

Clinton's Strong Debate Performance May Dampen Calls for Biden to Run

James Oliphant

Analysts widely hailed Clinton, 67, as turning in a nimble, effective performance on Tuesday night, perhaps easing the fears of some Democrats fretting that the flap over her use of a private email server while in the Obama administration was torpedoing her candidacy for the November 2016 election. In doing so, she may have dampened calls for Biden to make a belated entrance into the race.

How Ben Carson Will Presumably Govern

Earl Ofari Hutchinson

He knows that his nutty quips will be spreadeagled over every media outlet and roil legions on Facebook and social media. He’s at or near the top of the heap in some polls as a top GOP presidential candidate and that show him even more implausibly actually beating Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical head-to-head showdown. But beyond his endless milking of his rags-to-successful-neurosurgeon story and the inane quips about President Obama and Democrats before packs of ultraconservative fawners and groupies, what makes him real political timber, let alone presidential stuff?

How Bad is California’s Drought?

Allyson Escobar

Impelled by severe drought conditions, residents have been seriously saving water in the last few months of summer. Californians cut water use by 27 percent in August, according to the Associated Press. That’s compared to August 2013, state regulators announced on Thursday, Oct. 1. The reduction was slightly less than the 31 percent decline in July, but stable with the 27 percent conservation effort made in June.

Get Stopped by the Police? There’s an App for That

Sharee Silerio

This year the ACLU of California, the joint branch of the ACLU of Southern California and the two other ACLU affiliates in the state, launched an app to make it safe and easy for citizens to exercise their right to record police interactions. The free app, Mobile Justice CA, allows Android and iPhone users to record and automatically send video of police encounters to ACLU servers, preserving the footage even if officers try to destroy the phone or delete the video. 

South Carolina Grapples With Damage Wrought by Deadly Flood

Colleen Jenkins

South Carolina grappled with the damage wrought by record rainfall, as the death toll from widespread flooding rose to 14 on Tuesday and residents braced for more evacuations in areas near swollen waterways and dams across the state. Predictions of sunny skies in coming days provided only small comfort. More than 800 people were living in shelters after floodwater forced them from their homes.

Why Hillary Clinton Will Succeed

Earl Ofari Hutchinson

The reasons for Clinton’s steady lead aren’t hard to find. While the chatter about outlier inflammatory curiosities such as Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and the politically radical Sanders, awes, fascinates, and titillates the media and a wide body of the public, they are far from electable. Polls do show that the overwhelming majority of Americans are sick of and disgusted with the dysfunctionality, deal-making, and big money manipulation of American politics. Yet there is no evidence that this has now, or in the past, ever translated into a repudiation of traditional party politicians at the polls.


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